Presentation Evening!


On Friday 30th January 2009 the sea cadet held a presentation evening that parents could go to.  The Mayor went there to inspect all the cadets and awards was given out. The Juniors got Badges for there Brassard and the PFA ( Parents Friends association) gave out  a award to 2 cadets.

The Evening was great and hopefully cadets will achieve more during 2009.


Friday 23rd Janurary 2009.

Today we was at sea cadets again. Tonight we had the colour ceremony and then we went to classes. I did seamanship( rope work in case you are wondering) then it was stand easy. The line was huge but it went down pretty fast. Then we went back to classes and all i did was revise the knots and have a little laugh. Then it was cleaning stations- i had to clean the upper gangway( upper corridor.) Then we finished of the cadet night with evening colours. What a great night.


This is the unit

This is the unit

If you would like to join the lincoln sea cadets then all you need to do is to go to brayford pool near the bridge and you will see a small building saying

LINCOLN SEA CADETS T.S WRANGLER. just go in there and ask to join on a tuesday or friday. SEA CADETS is on Tuesday and Friday as i just said and the times is 7.00 – 9.30 on both nights. 10 – 12- Juniors- £1.  12- 18 – Sea cadets- £2

2009 IS HERE!

On 6th January 2009 we re-started sea cadets again. At last we are not on a break. We are all back having a great new year and there will be no more holidays untill December again. Happy new year!


On 19th December 2008 the lincoln sea cadet had there last cadet night for 2008. We had a disco party with a buffet and a load of fun. At last the cadet year is over but i just cant wait to go back. The party was a great success and i hope they do another one for 2009.


On Thursday 2nd October 2008. Some of the Cadets go to The Priory City of Lincoln  Academy Sports Centre. But On Thursday only one person did the sea cadet swim test. WHOOOO Me and i passed finally but now those other cadets who has not passed need to do it

Halloween Month!

Hello, At last it is finally October the best time at sea cadets because there could be a lot on this month. Like A Halloween Party. Best Month Ever!!!!